Mpathy Marketing Services

'Mpathy Marketing' (re)connects you with the Spirit of your Business, because only then true marketing is possible.


Our own developed model ‘the Essence-Map’ reveals the true Essence of your Business.

Value Mapping

Mapping out different Value Propositions for different Target Audiences to keep Innovating your offer.

Business Modelling

Every strong company needs a strong dynamic Business Model, we can co-innovate together in a fun way.


Business Strategizing

The Market is ever-changing, so are you. We help strategizing towards big opportunities!

Creative Movement

In this day and age you need a continuous flow of Creativity to stand out and transcend your competitors.

Marketing Workshops

Welcome to the Corporate Jungle. Our workshops will put you in connection with the Spirit of your Business.

Ready for an Essence-session?

An Essence-session is the basis, we map out the Essence of your Business so we can understand, empathize and look with the eyes of your company to the market.

Brand Experience Building Services

Creative Movement is our purpose. With Creativity we will help you taking your Marketing Communication to the next level:

Brand Design

Every strong brand needs a strong logo, a corporate identity and matching branding in all areas.


Nowadays your website is your etalage and showroom. This has to be a true experience!

Video & Animation

Video & Animation are really strong tools to amaze and turn your brand into a true experience!


Social Media

Social Media is ever-growing. Your pages have to look very slick with lots of interation!

Online Marketing

The Internet, when mastered, can be used to find and engage with your Target Audience!

Marketing Campaigns

Together we can set up a Campaign that will reach it’s goal, Guerilla or not, we will succeed.